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Would you feel really clean if instead of showering every day, you just scrubbed paper all over your body? No, right? Then why would you just use toilet paper to “clean” the dirtiest part of your body?

Here is where Blue Bidet can help! Water is the most essential and important element in anyone’s hygiene. Everything that we use and get dirty we clean with water. Our dishes and clothes, our hands after yard work, our bodies after we exercise, and now even our private parts can be feel really clean.

Everyone in your family, regardless of age, can feel really clean if after using the bathroom they use water to clean themselves. And now, doing it is as easy as turning a knob or pushing a button. Just by installing and using one of our Blue Bidets you can attain this level of cleanliness and feel happy and relieved after using the toilet.

Are you worried about the installation? Don’t be. It just takes a few minutes and we can guide you with our installation videos. Just click HERE to see.

What? You think it’s too expensive? Well, for the price of a good dinner out you can have a bidet. Our Blue Bidets range from $15 to $90. So most of our bidets are less than a movie date for two if you include the popcorn and drinks.

Have any other questions about our affordable non-electric bidets? Visit our FAQ page HERE or contact us HERE.

So stop making excuses, get a Blue Bidet and get ready to Experience the Natural Cleansing Power Of Water!

We promise that when you pamper yourself with our non-electric bidet toilet seat attachments, portable bidets or hand-held bidets you'll feel much cleaner and also enjoy the many health benefits of using a toilet bidet.

Check out our bidet attachment line featured in TreeHugger and Dr. Mercola amongst other sites!


All of our products come with a One Year Limited Warranty!

(The BB-1500 has a TWO year warranty!)

Portable Bidet BB-20 BLUE BIDET BB-30
Hand-Held Bidet BB-50
Hand-Held Bidet BB-100 Bidet Seat Attachment BB-500 Bidet Seat Attachment BB-800
Bidet Seat Attachment BB-1000 Bidet Seat Attachment BB-2500
Bidet Seat Attachment BB-3000
Bidet Seat Attachment BB-3500
Bidet Toilet Seat BB-6000


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